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HIV is a public health issue and not a criminal one.

HIV criminal laws do not operate as you might expect – which is that the law prosecutes individuals who have deliberately and intentionally transmitted the virus to another person. This is not the case. The law does not require that a person actually transmit HIV or even have physical contact to be prosecuted. They simply must know that they are HIV positive.


Ending the HIV epidemic: Are we doing all we can?

The Plan to End the HIV Epidemic in America cannot be realized until policymakers aggressively take action to modernize outdated state laws that criminalize the nondisclosure of HIV to be consistent with critical scientific, medical and legal considerations. By committing to the highest standards of scientific evidence for HIV prevention and treatment, America’s public health system can ensure a healthier future for all people.


Ending HIV Criminalization Starts With Me

How HIV criminalization laws target women—and how women are fighting back

March 7, 2022 • By Heather Boerner

Whether it’s Tami Haught, who was key to getting Iowa to remove people living with HIV from the sex offender registry in 2014, or Barb Cardell, who advocated successfully in Colorado for the elimination of mandatory HIV testing for people arrested for sex work and the removal of felony charges from someone living with HIV convicted of sex work, or Naina Khanna and other members of Positive Women’s Network–USA, who worked to reduce sex work charges for women with HIV from felonies to misdemeanors, women living with HIV have been guiding the movement against HIV criminalization for years.

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