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Our Committees for Change

Committees of Change: Programs
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Funding and Research Committee

Energizing the Movement

The Funding and Research Committee shall:

  • Find funding opportunities and assist in writing grants.

  • Find sponsorships to fund stipends or incentives for the work and time of volunteers.

  • Promote research and standardized data collection activities.

Media and Communication Committee

Enlightening Masses

The Media and Communications Committee shall:

  • Responsible for THMC social media participation.

  • Responsible for THMC website updates.

  • Responsible for THMC marketing, including creating brochures, video development, and photography.

  • Assist in the planning and coordination of assigned special events.

  • Assist in the maintenance of a volunteer database and help organize volunteers for projects.

  • Collaborate with members of other committees to create and maintain publicity for events.

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Policy Involvement Committee

Making a Call to Action

The Policy Involvement Committee shall:

  • Draft and evaluate revisions of the current HIV law in Tennessee and promote the removal of individuals criminalized from the Sex Offender Registry.

  • Communicate with local and state elected/appointed officials across all government levels for the revision of the HIV laws.

Community Engagement Committee

Making a Difference

The Community Engagement and Education Committee shall:

  • Committee members work to develop and plan the educational opportunities for the community about THMC and HIV criminalization.

  • Committee members assist with program management by actively participating in the planning and execution of chapter education events.

  • Responsible for creating virtual or in person town halls/HIV days on the hill.

  • Find and suggest opportunities to connect THMC with stakeholders (including setting up Zoom meetings, scheduling webinars, etc.).

  • Set up educational opportunities for community members and politicians.

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